just imagine

 soon cancer will become a common illness

With all the new research and advances in science;  CANCER will be a thing of the past.

We are a community of survivors that turn our challenges into hope bring purpose to our life take control of our own decisions and go out and fight because ultimately, we choose to not let cancer control our life
we SHARE our stories in hopes to inspire others to NOT give up!!!

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Welcome to Living With Cancer

livingwithcancer.ca is a community resoursce site where you can share your story with other cancer sufferers.  By sharing your stories of survival or if you are currently going trough treatment will give other cancer sufferers to have hope and that it is possible to live with cancer.


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What Makes Cancer Spread Quickly?

What Makes Cancer Spread Quickly? One of the more astonishing cancer factors is the rapid rate it can spread. Certain cancers, such as pancreatic tumors and others, are notoriously fast-spreading. Many theories exist as to the reasons that contribute to the fast...

5 Spices That Stimulate Appetite

Cancer patients sometimes experience changes in appetite caused by the illness itself or by side effects of treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. Fatigue, changing taste buds, depression, inactivity, and nausea can lead to weight loss and poor nutrition, making...

Can Aggressive Cancer Be Cured?

Whether any cancer can be cured is a highly individualized question, and aggressive cancers are even harder to predict. Research has improved life spans and cure rates, and new techniques make it easier for doctors to diagnosis cancer cells and stop them before they...

Great News For Late Stage Cancers

A Group of UK researchers are giving hope for those suffering of late stage cancers.In this study it is found that by combining two drugs istusertib and paclitaxel  for patients with late stage cancer could significantly reduce cancer growth and shows signs of cancer...

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